UINavigationBar 隐藏/显示时如何防止视图调整大小/转换

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我有一个带有标签栏和导航栏的应用程序.我推送一个用于显示照片的视图控制器,一次一张.它最初显示条形图和前进/后退控件;延迟后,这些隐藏,使用标签栏上的 setNavigationBarHidden:animated: 和自定义转换 (CGAffineTransformMakeTranslation).这可行,但是显示照片的视图控制器 view 会上下跳跃.如果我将标签栏排除在等式之外,情况也是如此.

I have an application with a tab bar and a navigation bar. I push a view controller that is used to show photos, one at a time. It initially shows the bars and forward/back controls; after a delay, these hide, using setNavigationBarHidden:animated: and a custom transform (CGAffineTransformMakeTranslation) on the tab bar. This works, but the view controllers view , which shows the photo, leaps up and down. The same is true if I leave the tab bar out of the equation.

如何防止 UINavigationBar 移动我的视图?我希望照片在屏幕上保持固定,导航栏会下降到它的顶部.

How can I prevent the UINavigationBar from moving my view around? I would like the photo to stay fixed in the screen, with the nav bar dropping down over the top segment of it.


我知道这是一个老问题,但我通过在 Interface Builder 中禁用Autoresize Subviews"来实现这一点

I know this is an old question, but I accomplished that by disabling 'Autoresize Subviews' in Interface Builder